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Josie Taylor. aka The Fresh Ginger

Healthy food hold the preaching! Meet The Fresh Ginger.

Sometimes, when the planets align, I get to work with people who do food really REALLY well. And I love food so there is this instant happiness and excitement when projects like the Fresh Ginger come my way.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the vivacious, cheeky and stunning Aussie expat Josie Taylor AKA The Fresh Ginger.

Josie Taylor is one talented lady. A true creative, Josie is a food stylist and blogger, voice over artist, singer, yoga teacher AND a trained actor. In fact – You may recognise her from  Midsomer Murders, Doctor Who and current cinema release Youth.

It was her love for feasting, life and vitality that brought Josie’s focus back to one of her first love’s – food and saw her qualify as a nutritionist.

With a clever moniker, a creative mind and a gift for making food look and taste incredible – The Fresh Ginger was born.

I was already a fan of Josie’s food long before she asked me to help her with her new website so this was an absolute bonus.

Beating distance with beats!

Josie is based in London and I am in Sydney which means it can be challenging to really understand a client and their needs as an individual and a brand – particularly when the brand is them.

The Fresh Ginger knows her music too! Is there anything she can’t do?

One way I get around this is to ask them about the music they are listening to. It’s a fantastic tool to engage when producing work for people. I really feel it helps create a connection to the client and the job. The Fresh Ginger knows her music too! Is there anything she can’t do?

Josie was happy to oblige and whilst she doesn’t have a spotify account – she sent me the list of songs that were on high rotation. I recreated Josie’s playlist on Spotify and it remains a favourite in our household. To find the playlist just search Fresh Ginger.

I regularly use music as a method of connecting with clients when distance gets in the way.
Smokey butternut pumpkin recipe from The Fresh Ginger

Healthy food – Hold the preaching!

Maybe it was Josie’s Australian upbringing but there is a real sense of adventure in the textures, colours and ingredients she uses along with the way they are combined.

Josie’s approach to healthy eating and life is non-preachy making it bright, entertaining and stomach grumblingly enticing, not to mention, well balanced – Both nutritionally and existentially.

When I read her blog, the guilt of the block of Lime Lindt I nailed the previous night just melts away…..mmmm….chocolate!

I also love her creative way of using up last night’s ingredients – Waste not want not!

I won’t say too much more about the site – you need to check it out yourself. If you like beautiful, fresh, healthy food, fantastic writing, great life stories and gorgeous food styling then The Fresh Ginger is for you.

Capital NOM NOM!

My current favourite recipes from the site are:

Breakfast with Gwyneth

Smokey Butternut Squash with Tahini’s Yoghurt & Sumac

Outrageous Portions of Green

Antioxidant rainbow Salad with fetta and dates

Fig and Rose chia pudding

Want More?

Check out The Fresh Ginger

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